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LINK: Letters to a young librarian - guest article

I’ve plugged Jessica Olin’s blog, Letters to a young librarian¬†before… but I’m unashamedly linking to it again because it really is brilliant. This latest post is a guest article by¬†Wayne Bivens-Tatum, the Philosophy and Religion Librarian at Princeton University. Although aimed at librarians in academic institutions, I think there is something for everyone here. I’m currently embedded within a team in my (non-academic) organisation, and a lot of Wayne’s points really resonate. I’ve fallen into the pitfalls he mentions. More than once. His post is a refreshing take on “how things really are” and what we can do to make them a little better. I highly recommend it.

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    Wayne’s post is definitely worth a read. Remember that building relationships with other faculty means developing trust,...
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