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Fantastic news! British Library releases images of medieval manuscripts into the public domain!

No pretty medieval manuscript today, because I’ve been in London at various conferences this week and I’ve not had time to research any new blog posts. BUT, hot off the press I bring you the great news that the British Library has released its images of medieval manuscripts into the public domain. You can read more about this here: [link updated 25 Nov 2012]. You can also look forward to lots of glorious images from the BL’s sumptuous collection appearing on this blog in the near future. Copyright, and particularly digital copyright, is a complex legal minefield and a highly emotive subject. I actually turned off the “ask me a question” part of this blog because I got fed up with messages from angry people about copyright. All were writing (often using abusive language) to challenge me about my labelling posts with the source and copyright status of the images. Most seemed unaware that I blog in the UK and that our legal system gives images of “old stuff” artwork status in their own right. As a practising information professional, it is really important to me that I adhere to the law, even when I have questions about it. Until now, I haven’t shared images from the British Library because the terms and conditions on the site expressly forbade it. I am THRILLED that the library has now decided to allow wider reproduction and reuse of these images. This will surely bring their medieval manuscript collection to a much wider audience. Great news indeed. Thanks to Will Noel on Twitter for bringing this to my attention.

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